Orefields was founded in 2011 with the goal of becoming an established contractor within Raise Boring. We started our operations in early 2012 with two contracts for LKAB in the Kiruna mine. Our base is in Kiruna, north of the Arctic Circle. This is our home and from our area’s unique surroundings and nature we derive our inspiration and energy.
As a new player in the market, and as a supplier to the world’s most modern underground mine and to other important customers, we are determined to always be at the forefront of technology and methods.
Our motto is ”precision and experience”.


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We offer a variety of services in shaft drilling such as pilot drilling, raise boring, downreaming and preparation for these operations.

Pilot drilling

We carry out pilot drilling, which means drilling a smaller hole that enables media supply or continued raise boring / downreaming.


We perform Downreaming which means blind hole drilling from top to bottom in dimensions up to 3m.

Raise Boring

We perform Raise Boring, which involves drilling from the bottom up and up with the help of a reaming head with a diameter up to 6.6m.

Casting- and grouting works

We perform casting and grouting of slabs, basins and foundations.


We are currently performing shaft renovations, as well as ventilation- and ore shafts for customers in Northern Europe.



”Orefield’s work with security and order was exemplary and the communication with Håkan and Anders has been superb with a high understanding of problems and the opportunity to offer quick solutions”

Mikael Hjortborg, LKAB, Sweden